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Rasami Storm


Hi there! I’m Rasami. I’m a freelance food stylist, photographer, and digital designer and I currently live in San Francisco, California. I cook because I love to eat, ok, bye!


Hi there! I’m Rasami. I’m a freelance food stylist, photographer, and digital designer and I am currently living in San Francisco, though I’d been living in Denver, Colorado for, what it seems like, forever. I was raised partially in Riccione, Italy where I learned how to make wine in second grade and that I was really bad at football–yes, football, America. The real football that you actually play with your feet. Then, when I was eight years old, my family decided that it was better for me to live in Thailand with a bunch of relatives. 

I grew up surrounded by cooks, chefs, and what we call now “foodies”, so I never really cared to cook. I didn’t have to. I also had never wanted to. There was (and still is) convenient food everywhere in Thailand. My grandmother cooked for a living in a small street in Bangkok, Thailand. There was always food, delicious, homemade cooked food. So, why would I ever want to cook? 

Well, things changed when I moved to the U.S.A. The first city I lived in was Cheyenne, Wyoming–I will just go ahead and spare you the details of why and what it was like and stuff. A couple of years later, I moved to its neighboring state, Colorado. This is where I started to become an adult…sort of. 

I started to appreciate cooking when I realized that I probably will never ever find food that tastes like the food I had growing up, there weren’t many Thai restaurants in Denver that I liked at the time (that I knew of). To be fair, I also didn’t (and still don’t) like driving any more than a 5 miles radius from where I live to go out to eat on a daily basis. Going out to grab a quick bite here is very different compared to Thailand. Where I lived I used to be able to just step outside in my pajamas and flip-flops and order a bowl of (dry) wonton noodles with roasted pork while waiting for a to-go order of 20 sticks of chicken satay from the food stall next to it. All of that and I could be home watching my favorite tv drama and eating my freshly cooked to-go order in less than 30 minutes. And you can’t really do that here in the states. 

So, I cook. I cook because I miss being able to conveniently buy scrumptious food from a mom-and-pop shop. I cook because I miss the food that my grandma made. I cook because I can be, from time to time, quite fastidious when it comes to ingredients and their qualities. I cook because I miss all the food that I used to have growing up. I cook because I love to eat. 

Everyone sees food differently and this, my blog, is my way of sharing my perspective on food with you. I hope you’ll find this somewhat entertaining and useful in some way, if not, well thanks for stopping by anyway.